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US-3009917-A: Protoverine 6, 7-diacetate 15 (1) 2'-methylbutyrate and its preparation patent, US-3010778-A: Recorder with foil electrode moving parallel to recording medium patent, US-3013560-A: Circumcision clamp patent, US-3013622-A: Automatic weigher for cattle feed and the like patent, US-3014047-A: Oxygenated monocyclic terpenes and production thereof patent, US-3015704-A: Acoustical apparatus patent, US-3039002-A: Electrooptical tracking apparatus patent, US-3042659-A: Activators for the polymerization of 2-pyrrolidone patent, US-3043509-A: Normalizing apparatus for floating point operations patent, US-3058880-A: Process for combating snails patent, US-3065208-A: Process for producing epsilon-caprolactam polymer with heat and weathering stability patent, US-3066013-A: Cyclic process for producing diborane patent, US-3078256-A: Production of unsaturated compounds patent, US-3082856-A: Multiple station machine tool patent, US-3108038-A: Anilide nematocides patent, US-3109320-A: Brake lever patent, US-3109655-A: One-point control selective phonograph apparatus patent, US-3113380-A: Mold and expresser sealing means patent, US-3137213-A: Automatic bleeder valve patent, US-3138679-A: Support structure for electromagnetic reed relay patent, US-3141944-A: Safety control switch for power tools patent, US-3148106-A: Pulp refining patent, US-3149904-A: Ink supply means for recording devices patent, US-3153086-A: Production of dimethylaminoacetonitrile patent, US-3157631-A: Azo vat dyes patent, US-3157916-A: Locking mechanism for collapsible bleacher patent, US-3185731-A: Crystallization of urea patent, US-3193932-A: Gun sight attachment patent, US-3194117-A: Large aperture projection lens patent, US-3197445-A: Polyethylene oxalate process patent, US-3198153-A: Stitch control for plural-feed sewing machines patent, US-3204123-A: Monostable pulse generating circuit unresponsive to power supply fluctuations and having fast reset time patent, US-3217193-A: Liquid cooled motor arrangement patent, US-3222602-A: Apparatus for double cancellation utilizing one delay line in a moving target indicating system patent, US-3252085-A: Method of locating coaxial cable arcing faults utilizing a magnetic blowout principle patent, US-3267310-A: Magnetic transmission patent, US-3273028-A: Hermetically sealed electrolytic capacitor patent, US-3278189-A: Tone arm restrictor for record changers patent, US-3305288-A: Miniature arc discharge tube patent, US-3305627-A: Apparatus for increasing the signal-tonoise ratio in a compound signal patent, US-3310531-A: Process for polymerizing unsaturated aldehydes and resulting products patent, US-3317557-A: 16-azasteroids and intermediates therefor patent, US-3326973-A: Recovery of aromatic carboxylic acids from solvent extracts patent, US-3327673-A: Anchor apparatus patent, US-3330850-A: Cycloaliphatic tetraisocyanates patent, US-3336348-A: Reaction between certain beta-lactones and certain phosphites and products obtained thereby patent, US-3339459-A: Multipurpose machine tool having a toolholder slide adapted to move on arcuate guideways patent, US-3340283-A: Preparation of organotin-trihalides patent, US-3342050-A: Ultrasonic wire drawing patent, US-3357155-A: Machine for packing compressible materials into containers patent, US-3363001-A: Fluoro cyclohexenyl or cyclopentenyl phenyl sulfides patent, US-3370548-A: Conveyor entrance apparatus patent, US-3372250-A: All-purpose timer patent, US-3374239-A: 6-chloro-2-(5-nitro-2-furyl) cinchoninic acid patent, US-3376827-A: Braking system for miniature vehicles patent, US-3378530-A: Process of preparing copolymers of tris(2-hydroxyethyl)isocyanurate and formaldehyde patent, US-3378546-A: Hydroxypropyl starch ether patent, US-3384564-A: Electrophoretic process for simultaneously spearating and concentrating particles patent, US-3387460-A: Magnetic pile stabbing apparatus and method patent, US-3391189-A: Nu-allyl-guanidines and salts thereof patent, US-3415344-A: System for producing speed reduction signals for an elevator car patent, US-3415942-A: Corrosion-resistant conduit connector patent, US-3430009-A: Service observing system patent, US-3432779-A: Low rf noise axial compensation connector patent, US-3435741-A: Double vibration roller patent, US-3448200-A: Process for obtaining an anorexigenic effect patent, US-3466208-A: Solution and method for dissolving copper patent, US-3479154-A: Method for cholesterol determination patent, US-3479460-A: Speech analysis system patent, US-3481039-A: Tangent fitter including a straight edge and an image splitting element patent, US-3484060-A: Anti-hot gas ingestion compound propulsion system patent, US-3498472-A: Cable slack control device for clamshell rigs patent, US-3500669-A: Shifting devices patent, US-3505357-A: Tetrahydropyranyl peroxides of ddd and its analogues patent, US-3514766-A: Beam addressable memory system patent, US-3525588-A: Preparation of magnesium hydroxide of low sulfate content patent, US-3544957-A: Electronic inclinometer for electric drills patent, US-3578914-A: Equalizer with automatic line build-out patent, US-3615255-A: Catalytic converter patent, US-3616874-A: Car stop counter and car reset circuit patent, US-3633181-A: Multiple timing list arrangement patent, US-3638527-A: Indexing fixture patent, US-3697986-A: Collision avoidance system patent, US-3739934-A: Tamper-proof bottle closure patent, US-3742991-A: Roundwood stump processor patent, US-2437088-A: Microphone assembly patent, US-2444039-A: Signaling system patent, US-2453747-A: Shotgun choke patent, US-2461887-A: Fabricated pallet patent, US-2464325-A: Curtain fitting patent, US-2466678-A: Acylated suberates and azelates patent, US-2466977-A: Machine for winding capacitors patent, US-2475719-A: Bracing system for boxed produce loads patent, US-2483874-A: Rat guard patent, US-2490652-A: Guide for elevators patent, US-2523809-A: Syringe patent, US-2525489-A: Control system patent, US-2530432-A: Detachable setting patent, US-2537853-A: Process for the manufacture of organic peroxides patent, US-2542247-A: Spring locking means for a stop pin in a sliding bracket patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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